Hard Gel Nails

What are Hard Gel Nails ?

– Gel nails are hypo-allergenic and odor-free.
– Like a coat of armor for your nails
– The luminous shine is absolutely amazing!

A gel nail serviceĀ  is a permanent gel coating applied to your own nails, or sculpted, creating a strong, thin natural looking nail.

Gels do not contain Formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde, acids or acrylates.
They are odorless, flexible like your own nails, and such a pleasure to wear.

Her jobs are so perfect and beautiful

I been doing my nails with Emma for last 8 years and I’m can’t see myself going anywhere else. Her jobs are so perfect and beautiful. Thanks to Emma for keeping my nails beautiful.

Sheena Kim

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Hard Gel Nails

Gel Full Setis created by application of a tip with glue and gel over the topFr $70
Gel Full Set FrenchFr $75
Gel OverlayApply gel over your own nails for strength and a crisp lookFr $50
Gel ScrulptureCreated from scratch and built on foil with gel onto your nail tip or free edgeFr $80
Gel InfillFr $45

Add shellac to gel service for $10 ($20)